Bharat Gaurav Muni Pulak Sagar

MUNI SHRI PULAKSAGAR JI is known throughout India & the world as Gurudev Pulak Sagar Ji, for his selfless love and compassion towards all beings. His entire life has been dedicated to removing the pain of the poor, awakening society and teaching them how to lead a peaceful life. When we go through his path of life, we can see that Gurudev has embraced and comforted all sections of society and has considered it as the cause of his birth. Gurudev inspires to make oneself better so as to improvise and uplift the society & thus, uplifts the mental level of the people, through his very honest interactions with the mob & inspirational discourses

He was born in a Jain family of Late Bhikamchand Jain & Smt.Gopi Bai Jain on 11th may 1970 at Dhamtari,Chattisgarh. Even as a small child, he drew the attention of people around with the long hours he spent in deep meditation in the lonely areas of the village.

Gurudev was deeply disturbed by the profound sufferings that he witnessed throughout his life. He visited a number of colleges, schools, temples and jails continuously with heartfelt efforts to reduce the sorrow and pain in the society.

While Gurudev is widely regarded as one of the foremost spiritual leaders in India, He claims that his religion is love, affection & pure humanity.

Name before Deeksha: Paras Jain

Date of Birth: 11th May 1970

Place of Birth: Dhamtri, Chattisgarh

Father’s Name: Late Bhikamchand Jain

Mother’s Name: Smt.Gopi Bai Jain

Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Arts ( Jabalpur) Brahmacharya Vrat

( Greh Tyag) : 27 January 1993

Brahmacharya Shri: Acharya Shree Vidya Sagarji Maharaj

Ailak Deeksha Grahan: 27 January 1994

Place of Deeksha: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Muni Deeksha: 11th December 1995

Place of Deeksha: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Deeksha Guru: Acharya Pushpadant Sagar Maharaj

There are two organizations that are working actively all over the country under the precious inspiration of Muni Shree Pulak Sagarji Maharaj for the welfare and awakening of the Jain community.

These organizations are named:

1. Pulakjan Chetna Manch &

2. Jain Mahila Jagriti Manch