Bharat Gaurav Rama Pandey- Film and theatre personality, a well-known author, a cultural persona and an activist.

Rama Pandey is a film and theatre personality, a well-known author, a cultural persona and an activist. She owns a company named Montage Films. Montage Films is a company that makes contemporary films apart from being attached to literary works be it books, poems, events, films, television etc. Born in Jodhpur, raised & educated in Jaipur, the small-town girl rose to international heights who bought laurels to the country by becoming the roaming cultural ambassador of India in 1971 at a very early age. She has been a woman crusader who has been trying to preserve India’s rich heritage & culture. The serial “Jane Apna Desh” (Know Your Country) is based on this philosophy which is running for the last 15 yrs on Doordarshan Rajasthan having completed more than 250 episodes. She is a champion in making serials & films on issues related to youth & women which especially helps the masses to get solutions on social causes. Early experience in films (35 and 16mm) includes acting in 8 art films and 3 TV films and directing 4 films including a 35mm full-length feature film for the Films Division which won an award from the Indian Institute of Mass Communications.

She also came forward to extend her creativity in reality by helping women & youth substantially & financially. Her company had supported projects such as “Jashne Virasat” where Ms Rama Pandey left an impact in preserving Jammu & Kashmir’s heritage & culture where thousands of youth from various colleges took part in the event to help her in this noble cause. The two-day festival had become a talk of the nation.

She is a well-known face in the media as a writer, folk artiste, poet, actor, director, producer etc. She has written numerous books & poems on various subjects. Among them are a few books on women, notable are Begum Bano Aur Khatoon. Few have been picturised too. Tauba Tun Nassu and Giraftari are her latest ventures. She also wrote a few children’s books such as Suno Kahani, Lambe Patel and Neelam Pariand Faisle, a collection of true stories of underprivileged but courageous Muslim women who struggled and rose to live with success and dignity. Her collection of poetry book Guhar has been launched at House of Lords London, UK. Ms Rama Pandey has been a leading actress of well-known plays by Sangeet Natak Academy, Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy, NSD, notable are Shatranjke Mohre, Aasharkaek din, Bhumija, Jasma Odan, Kanchanrang, Shuturmurg and many more and has hundreds of awards to her credit.

She acquires a huge and vast quality in adaptation and translation. She has been involved with BBC Hindi that plays and features in London. She has been attached and engaged with radio, TV and films for a very long period. She has been associated with renowned directors like Mohan Maha Rishi, Pinchoo Kapoor, Habib Tanvi and so on. In international media, she worked with CBC Canada, Voice of America, Radio Netherland TV Center Holland and of course Aakashwani. She served as a Producer with DD India (1975–79); did pioneering productions for major projects including SITE for vast rural audiences.

Worked as Producer with BBC Hindi Service at Bush House London (1981–87) simultaneously contributing regularly to BBC Asian Television;

Hosted and presented many events, cultural, musical, literary etc. at the most prestigious avenues, the world over, including the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley etc.

On her return to India, she contributed significantly to some major field projects of BBC in Asia. Wrote produced and directed several multi-episode serial programs (including Shabash Begum, Suno Kahani, Jaanen Apna Desh), and several hundred telefilms, news capsules and documentaries for various State and Central ministries, PSUs, universities and other prestigious organizations.

Recent works :

“Aastha Ki Dehleez — Madin Sahib” A film on medieval pre-Mughal Muslim architecture of Kashmir, for Films Division Govt. of India.

“ Begum, Bano our Khatun” Book and multi-episode TV serial depicting a series of real-life stories of underprivileged Indian Muslim women who showed enterprise and rose to make a positive contribution to society and brought prosperity to themselves as well as many others.

“Tauba-tun-Nusooh” A 13-episode TV programme based on a highly progressive masterpiece of Urdu literature, a novel of the same name by Dr Nazir Ahmad, for Doordarshan Urdu.

“Guhaar” A collection of poems in Hindi

“Giraftari” Hindi play, an adaptation of Franz Kafka’s novel ‘The Trial’

Presently self-employed in the proprietary concern Montage Films, operating from own premises at Gurgaon and Jammu.