Bharat Gaurav K. C. Parwal

Well known K. C. Parwal in the profession of Chartered Accountancy Shri Parwal is doing practice in Jaipur since 1984 in the name and style of M/s. Parwal & Associates.

Family Business- Real estate.

The family background of Shri Parwal is business. From traditional whole sale business of Sugar and other food stuffs the family has diversified in Real Estates too.

K. C .PARWAL- An author, a Poet — RAMAYAN

(The third face of Sh. K. C. Parwal is much popular. Parwal is now globally popular for his poetic creations. “Saral Ramayan” is his most popular creation. Saral Ramayan is a poetic compilation of story of Lord Shri Ram in Hindi language, first of its kind. Needless to mention here, Valimiki Ramayan is the first Ramayan written in Sanskrit (in epic times). However, the most popular poetic book on the Story of Lord Shri Ram, now a days is Shri Ram Charit Manas written by the great Saint Goswami Tulsidasji (about 450 years back). Shri Ram Charit Manas is in Avadhi Language.

Undoubtedly, Hindi is one of the most popular languages in the cultural limits of India and South Asia. The book written as “SARAL RAMAYAN” by Parwal is getting popularity day by day in every nook and corner of the world. The book as well as its musical Audio CD was launched on 2010 in Haridwar by Baba Ram Dev in his Patanjali Ashram. Since its first publication in 2010, there have been printed over 30000 copies of “Saral Ramayan Books and Audio CDs, till now.

Blessed with love and great affection his Mother Smt. Shanta Devi Parwal and instilled in with best possible sacraments by his Father Sh. Banshi Dhar Parwal, Shri Parwal’s style of poetry making is very simple (“Saral”). That is why Parwal’s Wife Asha Parwal has given “SARAL” as a poetic name to K. C. Parwal. The simplicity (“saralata”) does reflect in the making of “RAMAYAN” by him. Shri Parwal Is also conferred with a doctorate degree on the topic of Ramayan.

Sunder Kand is considered one of the most pious parts of the RAMAYAN. The video of this part of SARAL RAMAYAN by Dr. K.C. PARWAL “SARAL” is regularly telecast on a very famous spiritual TV Channel of India named “SANSKAR”. Here it is worth to mention that “Sanskar Channel” is being beamed over 100 countries throughout world. Apart from this, many other songs out of Saral Ramayan are being telecast on the channel very often. “GANGA MAIYA… (Mother Gangage)”, “ JAI SHRI RAM HARE…(victory of Lord Shri Ram) “ , “LE LO Kevat Utrai” (Kevat, please accept the fare of your boat for crossing the river) are among the most popular ones.

The poetic form of Ram Katha (Story of Lord Ram) in hindi i.e. Ramayan by Dr. Kailash Parwal “Saral” has over 5000 couplets and 50 other songs. The musical composition of each line is very catchy and sound delicious to the ears of listeners. The Book has around 100 newly created colour pictures and over 100 line art pictures, all on new situations based on the storey of Lord Shree Ram. The book printed in fonts based on Parwal’s own handwriting is unique and it distances from any other book on this count too.

Great spiritual saints of INDIA including Swami Ram Dev of Patanjali Ashram, Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Shri Morari Bapu, Shri Shri Ravi Shankerji of Art of Living Foundation”, Shri Satya Mitranandji of Bharat Mata Mandir, Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Acharya Peeyushji of Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) and Jain Saint Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji have praised the creation of DR. K C Parwal and have been very kind enough to write/speak a few words about the book “Saral Ramayan.”

Other Creations

Other popular creation of Dr. K C Parwal are given below:- KANHO JAIPUR AAEIN AAYO (Lord Krishna arrived JAIPUR) : This is an Audio/ Video CD on various songs written by SARAL on Lord Krishna. The title song “KANHO JAIPUR MEIN AAYO” is being telecast on TV Channel(s) on JANMASHTMI (Celebration of the birth of lord Krishna) every year.

Geeta Manka 108 : This is a booklet having 108 popular teachings of all the 18 chapters of Holy Geeta (6 from each chapter). The selected teachings are versified by DR K C Parwal “Saral” and got them musically recorded. Geeta Manka 108 is a combo of book and Audio CD.

Shri Satya Narain Vrit Katha Padyawali: Many people in India observe fast on every Poornima (Full moon day) and after reading the Katha of Lord Satya Narainji, they break the fast and do have a limited and specific food items. Till now, the text of this katha was available in prose only. DR. Parwal has versified it for the first time in HINDI language and got this too musically recorded for the religious masses.

Jin Vandana: Again this is a booklet cum Audio CD on the verses authored by DR K. C. Parwal “SARAL”. This one hour length poetry embodies the main features/details of all 24 Arihants (GODs) of JAIN belief. Their respective date and place of births, names of parents, symbols and places of salvation are given in the poetry. Besides, the main points/incidents attached to each of the Gods do find place in it. This is first ever poetry covering all 24 Gods in one creation.

JAIPUR BUILDING LAWS: Dr. Parwal has made a beautiful compilation of various laws relating to real estate activities in Jaipur in particular and Rajasthan in General. In the state of Rajasthan many enactments are in Hindi and many others are in English. There has been felt a great difficulty for the Non-Hindi speaking persons in India and abroad. Parwal translated all the Hindi laws/circulars etc. into English and complied the book with very good fast finding built-in features. This book has become a very popular book among the Realtors, Advocates, Town Planners, Architects and common men who want to know and understand such laws in their interests.

Social Media

Current Affairs concerning masses: DR. Parwal use to write his poetries on current affairs too. His recent poetries on (a) KASHMIR titled as Algav Vadiyon ka Hriday Parivartan (Change of hearts of Separatists) and (b) PESHAWAR covering the incidence of killing of innocent school children by terrorists, have become too much popular on social media like whatsapp, face book etc.

Quote of the Day

Dr. KC Parwal has become synonym of “Quote of the Day”. He sends a new quote (dictum) in English along with its versification by him in Hindi to approximately 4–5000 people every morning. Many of the receivers of Parwal’s Quote of the Day forward it to their different groups and so on. Thus a new quote (dictum) and its Hindi versification by Parwal goes to millions of people everyday. This practice of Parwal is going on for last over 500 days without any break.

Awards and Felicitations

Apart from a number of awards and trophies in school days, Dr. Parwal has been felicitated by numerous awards and marks of honour by social organizations across the years. Some of the notable ones include the awards from Shree Maheshwari Samaj, Mile Stone Creations, Mathura , Devasthan Patrika and Rotary Clubs. He has delivered multiple speeches in Rotary and other reputed social organisations on Ramayan and it’s modern day implications.

Social work

Jagriti: Dr. Parwal has been an active contributor Jagriti, which is essentially engaged in education and upliftment of the underprivileged children of society

Central Park Walkers Association, JAIPUR: In line with his leadership initiatives, Dr. Parwal is president of a social voluntary organization with 400+ members that works towards the civic development and sustainability projects in the city of Jaipur.